The Quilted Mandala Club

A place where we will explore all the techniques that make up a Quilted Mandala!

Enrollment is currently CLOSED. 

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 Looking for a place where you can expand your knowledge of machine quilting and take your quilting to the next level?


                                          Then you have come to the right place!!

When you join the Quilted Mandala Club you will learn so much more than how to create unique, one of a kind, Mandalas!

Because, let’s face it, quilting a Mandala will take many, many different skills!  

As a Member of the Club you will have the opportunity to take a series of lessons that will teach you the skills and techniques needed to create your own Quilted Mandala.

Lessons like:

  • Grid work

  • Thread painting

  • Connecting designs

  • Free Motion designs

  • The perfect marking tools

  • How and when to use rulers

  • Straight and Curved Crosshatching. 

  • How to create the foundation of a Mandala

  • How to plan out a path for continuous quilting

  • How to use stencils to create designs with perfect symmetry.

  • Even Feathers. 

Facebook Group

Access to the private Facebook Group where you can connect with fellow quilters, share what you're working on, and get inspired by what everyone is creating.

Learn to ...

Design and quilt Mandalas from start to finish.

Use stencils, rulers and how to mark fabric.

Free Guides

Download grid guides to help you create your own Mandala designs.

Free Guides

Download grid guides to help you create your own Mandala designs. 

Monthly Club meetings

Connect with fellow members at our monthly virtual Club meeting! We will do a Live Show & Tell via zoom -- it's so much fun spending time with and connecting with each other.

Is there a schedule to the lessons, you ask? 


New lessons will be made available each week, beginning February 1st 2021.

As a Professional Longarm quilter myself, I am aware that during the month of December, some of the Club members will be busy quilting for customers. In addition, many of us will be involved in holiday events, even in the wake of a pandemic. So, to not add additional stress in an already stressful time, during the month of December and January, we will take this time to gather our supplies and get to know each other through our monthly virtual meetings. Our first Club meeting will be on Thursday, December 3rd, at 2pm cst.  

The lessons will be available on the Forever Quilting website, under a secure login. The lessons will mostly be pre-recorded and available for you to watch, as long as you remain a member of the club.


Frequently Asked Questions