Dorie Hruska was born and raised in Springfield, Missouri, as part of a family with quilting and crafting deeply embedded in their genes. She currently lives in an idyllic country setting in Highlandville, Missouri, just south of Springfield. 

Now that her children have flown the nest, Dorie finds that she has more time to devote to her quilting business through teaching, writing and creating. Dorie earned and uses her degree in Business Administration & Accounting to work in the accounting field, and she loves to joke that the OCD which makes her a good accountant also makes her a good quilter! Her custom work has been hung in numerous shows, both locally and nationally, and she has been recognized as an award-winning quilter. 

Dorie has been obsessed with finding the continuous path in quilting since she purchased her first longarm in 2002. Along the way, she became an APQS Dealer, and now she works her magic on an APQS Millie. She has continued to develop her quilting and teaching skills through the 21+ years that she has been professionally quilting, and she is so excited about what the future holds in the quilting industry! 

It's probably safe to say that Dorie has more ideas than time, and she has numerous projects in the air at all times. In a recent Teacher Spotlight article by Bob Ruggiero, Dorie and Bob discussed Dorie's quilting journey, and what she envisions for her future, including what Quilting Superpower she might like to have. They cover the gamut, from her early exposure to quilting and crafting, to how the pandemic affected teaching (one of Dorie's passions!), and current development of classes and products. You can find Bob's full article about Dorie here .

Dorie's teaching style and development of her course materials make it evident that she is passionate about quilting. If you are interested in talking with Dorie about teaching at your guild or show, please check out the list of her courses offered and email her at the link below. 

Courses that Dorie teaches

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