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Turn fabric into art, use up your stash


For many aspiring quilters, the dream of making a beautiful quilt often feels overwhelming, given the skill it seems to take to master this cherished art. For those with more experience, sometimes you need creative inspiration to finish your project. Without the proper expert guidance, those colorful fabric pieces never transform beyond a collection of scraps, and your artistic vision goes unrealized.

A pathway to quilting mastery for enthusiasts of all skill levels


Every great quilter started as a beginner, and every masterpiece began as a humble square of fabric. Imagine the thrill of maneuvering the fabric under the needle with ease and creating intricate patterns that tell stories. With each stitch, your confidence will grow, and so will your expertise.

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The technique that started it all

Finding the continuous quilting path is my obsession. In this video I will share with you how I used the techniques in my book Making Connections, A Machine Quilting Workbook, to continuously quilt this table runner. 

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Dorie presents a very systematic, comprehensive course suitable for all levels of quilters. The lessons are well designed and fun. She provides videos and diagrams of everything that is taught and is readily available to answer any questions. I have learned so much from Dorie and highly recommend her courses!  Vivian L.

What We Offer


Digital Education


Dive into the world of quilting from the comfort of your home. Our online platform offers a variety of workshops, tutorials, and digital resources to help you enhance your quilting skills at your own pace.

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In-person Education

Experience hands-on learning at our education center. These sessions provide direct guidance from Dorie and her team and the opportunity to connect with fellow quilters.


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Tools & Materials

Whether starting a new project or stocking up on essentials, shop online or visit our showroom to equip yourself with the best quilting tools, materials, and equipment from our curated selection. 

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We’re with you every stitch of the way

At Forever Quilting, we recognize that many people are intimidated by the complexity of quilting, wondering if they’ll ever master it. 

Our dedication to teaching continuous quilting techniques with a clear skill progression sets us apart, emphasizing the importance of building confidence at every step. 

We believe in embracing each quilter's unique starting point and guiding them toward mastery at their own pace.

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a Free resource library, is our way of sharing with you extra tips and tricks for machine quilting.

I can wait to share with you the secrets to finding a continuous quilting path, in these FREE mini tutorials!

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How It Works

Step 1: Join a Workshop

Find your fit—beginner or seasoned quilter—and dive into workshops enriched with Dorie's expertise and comprehensive resources tailored for all levels.

Step 2: Enhance Your Skills

Build on your foundation or explore new horizons with advanced techniques supported by a community that inspires and nurtures your growth.

Step 3: Quilt with confidence

Apply your refined skills to create with mastery and creativity, guided by expert advice and encouraged by a network of passionate quilters.

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