The Quilted Mandala Club

A place where we will explore all the techniques that make up a Quilted Mandala!

Enrollment is currently CLOSED. 

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 Looking for a place where you can expand your knowledge of machine quilting and take your quilting to the next level?


                                                      Then you have come to the right place!!

When you join the Quilted Mandala Club you will learn so much more than how to create unique, one of a kind, Mandalas!

Because, let’s face it, quilting a Mandala will take many, many different skills!

As a new Member of the Club you will first have the opportunity to go through the QMC Course. This Course will will guide you through a series of lessons that will help you master the skills and techniques needed to create your own Quilted Mandala.

Lessons like:

  • Grid work

  • Thread painting

  • Connecting designs

  • Free Motion designs

  • The perfect marking tools

  • How and when to use rulers

  • Straight and Curved Crosshatching. 

  • How to create the foundation of a Mandala

  • How to plan out a path for continuous quilting

  • How to use stencils to create designs with perfect symmetry.

  • Even Feathers. 

Registration opens up twice a year, November and June. Sign up for the wait list above, to be notified when to register.  

"Dorie presents a very systematic, comprehensive course suitable for all levels of quilters to create beautiful mandalas. The lessons are well designed and fun.
She provides videos and diagrams of everything that is taught and is readily available to answer any questions. I have learned so much from Dorie and highly recommend this course!"  Vivian L

This is Vivian's work. She quilts on a Sweet 16 & a Bernina 440QE.

Facebook Group

Access to the private Facebook Group where you can connect with fellow quilters, share what you're working on, and get inspired by what everyone is creating.

Learn to ...

Design and quilt Mandalas from start to finish.

Use stencils, rulers and how to mark fabric.

Free Guides

Download grid guides to help you create your own Mandala designs.

Free Guides

Download grid guides to help you create your own Mandala designs. 

Monthly Club meetings

Connect with fellow members at our monthly virtual Club meeting! We will do a Live Show & Tell via zoom -- it's so much fun spending time with and connecting with each other.

"Your Quilted Mandala Club is quite the program. You are challenging us to be creative. You give us careful and concise guidance with videos and demonstrations. Your instructions are clear, yet allow space for individual creativity. Feedback is constructional and prompt. There is a huge amount of information in each of the videos. Thank you so much for expanding my skills and artistry." Jennifer F

This is Jennifer's work

Is there a schedule, you ask? 

Registration will close on June 27th 2022. 

The Welcome ceremony will be on June 30th 2022, held live on Zoom at 2pm cst. This is when you will first meet all the club members that are joining for the Summer session. 

Your first Club meeting will be on Thursday, July 7th 2022, at 2pm & 6pm cst.  This meeting is held monthly, on the first Thursday of each month, and is open to all Club members, including the members who have completed the Quilted Mandala 12 month course (also referred to as GOLD members). 

New lessons will be made available each week, beginning July 4th 2022.

In the first 3 months of lessons, we will focus on ruler work within blocks and borders. These are skill builder lessons and designs that you will use inside and around Mandalas.

The next 3 months you will learn about the 3 basic styles of Mandalas. This will include Mandala designs from 12"-24’’ and smaller projects, like table runners with multiple Mandalas.

After 6 months of basic techniques, we will move on to Monthly projects that include larger Mandalas, layered Mandalas, more Grid designs, border designs & connecting designs. 

The lessons will be available on the Forever Quilting Kajabi website, under a secure login. The lessons will be pre-recorded and available for you to watch and re-watch. These videos will remain in your library for an additional year, or as long as you remain a member of the club.

"This club contains a wealth of information, so much that it is a challenge to keep current with the homework encouraged in all of the lessons! Dorie is extremely thorough and organized in her materials and videos. She is great to answer all your questions, and invites input from her students. I would recommend this club to anyone wanting to dive deep into ruler work, borders, free motion fillers, and using all these to quilt beautiful mandalas."

Connie B.

Frequently Asked Questions

"A few months back I joined the Quilting Mandala Club put on by Dorie Hruska. Dorie is an expert in her field of longarm quilting with years of experience in teaching. I have always admired her beautiful quilted Mandalas but never thought I could do it. So, when I saw the club announcement, I signed up immediately. I have learned so many new things and gotten much better on things I already knew. We have done extensive work on fillers and ruler work including crosshatch and curves. Even a beginner level quilter would be able to succeed. The cost is a fraction of what you would have to pay for in person 3-day weekend class.  And the club format is great because the experience is ongoing. Dorie is so patient and is always available to help with anything I need. I look forward to every weekly lesson and our monthly meetings. You will love the club!" Maryanne M.

This is Maryanne's work. She quilts on a HQ Sweet 16.

What this Club is not 

It’s not a ‘’class’’, it’s a Club. With access to the club community and new lessons every month. 

The Lessons are not crammed into a 6 week course. There is plenty of time allotted for you to work through each technique. 

It's not just for the Longarm machine quilter. These techniques and designs can be done on a domestic or sit-down longarm machine also. This has been proven over and over, by many of the previous Club members. 

You are not working through the lessons alone. You have access to a teacher, that you can contact with all your questions. And not for just 3 months but for as long as you remain a member of the Club. Dorie is there to help you along the way. Plus you have the support and encouragement of the other Club members through the private Facebook group and monthly meetings.

It's not just for the experienced quilter. The lessons will cover all the tips and tricks the beginner machine quilter will need to know, while challenging the more experienced quilter to expand their skills.    

"I have been in this club since Dorie started it in 2020. She is a patient, methodical instructor, giving clear, concise directions every step of the way. Even if you aren’t obsessed with mandalas, you will learn many new designs, learn how to have better consistency in your design formation, and you’ll go at your own pace. Quilting circles can be challenging but Dorie breaks it down so that you will soon have the confidence to tackle designs that would have intimidated you beforehand. I am a very happy student, as you can probably tell." Mary S

This is Mary's work.