The Quilted Mandala Club

A place where we will explore all the techniques that make up a Quilted Mandala!

Enrollment is currently CLOSED. 

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 Looking for a place where you can expand your knowledge of machine quilting and take your quilting to the next level?


                                                      Then you have come to the right place!!

When you join the Quilted Mandala Club you will learn so much more than how to create unique, one of a kind, Mandalas!

Because, let’s face it, quilting a Mandala will take many, many different skills!

As a new Member of the Club you will first have the opportunity to go through the QMC Course. This Course will will guide you through a series of lessons that will help you master the skills and techniques needed to create your own Quilted Mandala.

Lessons like:

  • Grid work

  • Thread painting

  • Connecting designs

  • Free Motion designs

  • The perfect marking tools

  • How and when to use rulers

  • Straight and Curved Crosshatching. 

  • How to create the foundation of a Mandala

  • How to plan out a path for continuous quilting

  • How to use stencils to create designs with perfect symmetry.

  • Even Feathers. 

Registration opens up twice a year, November and June. Sign up for the wait list above, to be notified when to register.