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It will re-open in November 2024.

The Quilted Mandala Club isn’t just a class; it’s a year-long creative journey that provides incredible value for all quilting enthusiasts. 


Led by Award-winning longarm quilter, author, and teacher Dorie Hruska, this exclusive club will give you access to 231 unique designs over 12 months, making it an unbeatable bargain for the avid quilter! This club will inspire and challenge you, helping you grow as a quilter while creating stunning mandalas and quilts that reflect your personal style.

I see you, Quilty Friend . . .

✔  You yearn for instruction from an experienced quilter to nurture your skills and confidence, yet time or location constraints hinder your ability to attend physical classes.

✔  You crave a supportive community that provides friendship and encouragement. Yet, you often feel isolated without the camaraderie of fellow quilters who understand your passion.

✔  You crave resources and guidance to fuel your creativity in quilting, yet the lack of consistent inspiration and support leaves you feeling uncertain about where to turn.

Here’s a snapshot of what the Club has in store for you:


  • 4 Styles of Mandalas: Immerse yourself in the intricacies of four distinct mandala styles, each offering a unique blend of patterns and designs.
  • 31 Mandalas (Including 17 Over 12” wide): Explore a vibrant collection of mandalas, with 17 of them boasting sizes from 16" to 56". Perfect for those who love a bold and striking centerpiece in their quilting projects.
  • 17 Background Designs: Elevate your quilting projects with a diverse set of background designs that add depth and texture to your creations.
  • 13 Block Designs: Build your quilting skills with 13 block designs that serve as the foundation for your mandalas, providing a solid structure for your artistic endeavors.
  • Over 52 Border Designs: Unleash your creativity with 52 border designs, and don’t forget that the designs used in the Row Mandalas can be seamlessly transformed into straight borders, offering endless possibilities.
  • 63 Varying Feather Designs: Add a touch of elegance to your quilts with 63 feather designs, each bringing a graceful and timeless aesthetic to your projects.
  • 31 Flowers: Infuse a burst of nature into your quilting with 31 flower designs, allowing you to create quilts that bloom with beauty.
  • 21 Other Filler Designs: Explore a variety of filler designs to add the finishing touches to your quilting masterpieces, making each project uniquely yours.

"Dorie presents a very systematic, comprehensive course suitable for all levels of quilters to create beautiful mandalas. The lessons are well designed and fun.
She provides videos and diagrams of everything that is taught and is readily available to answer any questions. I have learned so much from Dorie and highly recommend this course!"  Vivian L

This is Vivian's work. She quilts on a Sweet 16 & a Bernina 440QE.

Plus, you’ll also get a full year of community and support
to help you finish your projects and develop new skills.

Facebook Group

Connect with fellow quilters, share your projects, and draw inspiration from others in our private Facebook Group.  

Free Guides

Download grid guides to help you create your own Mandala designs. 

Learn to design and quilt Mandalas from start to finish. Use stencils, rulers, and how to mark fabric. 

Monthly Club meetings

Participate in our monthly virtual Club meetings, where you can showcase your work and see the progress of other group members, during the live Show & Tell via Zoom. We keep it fun ~ no pressure here!  

"Learning to slow down has made me a better quilter..." ~ Catherine

Let's hear from Catherine

"Dorie is very helpful and patient. As a previous, non current, club member, I sent a question to Dorie about a large mandala project I wanted to start. She texted me back quickly and then arranged a time to talk about it with me via zoom later. She is very willing to take time with people who have questions and needs. I also appreciate how methodical and easy to follow her online course materials and videos are. Things are easy to find and maneuver. And I’m grateful that after a year of full-time membership, her materials are still available for year-long use." --Connie B

This is Connie's work

Here's how we'll make it happen

Quilted Mandala Club is where you can expand your knowledge of machine quilting and take your quilting to the next level. When you join the QM Club, you will learn much more than just how to create unique, one-of-a-kind Mandalas! Because, let’s face it, quilting a Mandala will take many, many different skills!

Eileen M - Members work

Months 1-3

In the first three months of lessons, we will focus on ruler work within blocks and borders. These are skill-building lessons and designs that you will use inside and around Mandalas. 

The lessons will cover all the tips and tricks the beginner machine quilter needs to know while challenging the more experienced quilters to expand their skills.  

Marlene - Members work

Months 4-6

You’ll learn about the three basic styles of Mandalas. This will include Mandala designs from 12"-24’’ and smaller projects, like table runners with multiple Mandalas.

You're not alone in your journey. With the Quilted Mandala Club, you have ongoing access to Dorie, your dedicated teacher, for guidance and support throughout your membership.

Sally M - Members work

Months 7-12

After six months of basic techniques, we will move on to Monthly projects that include larger Mandalas, layered Mandalas, more Grid designs, border designs & connecting designs. 

You’ll also have the support and encouragement of the other Club members through the private Facebook group and monthly meetings.

This is a highly value added class.  Everything is very professional from lesson design right through to the video presentation.  It is the most valuable series of classes I have ever taken, in person or on-line. - Marla S

This is Marla's work

As a new Member of the Club, you will first have the opportunity to take the QMC Course. This course will guide you through a series of lessons that will help you master the skills and techniques needed to create your own Quilted Mandala.

Lessons like:

  • Gridwork
  • Thread painting
  • Connecting designs
  • Free Motion designs
  • Perfect marking tools
  • How and when to use rulers
  • Straight and Curved Crosshatching. 
  • How to create the foundation of a Mandala
  • How to plan out a path for continuous quilting
  • How to use stencils to create designs with perfect symmetry.
  • Even Feather techniques 

The lessons will be available on the Forever Quilting Kajabi website under a secure login. They are pre-recorded and available for you to watch and re-watch. These videos will remain in your library for an additional year after the 12-month course is complete or as long as you remain a member with Full Club Access.

"A few months back I joined the Quilting Mandala Club put on by Dorie Hruska. Dorie is an expert in her field of longarm quilting with years of experience in teaching. I have always admired her beautiful quilted Mandalas but never thought I could do it. So, when I saw the club announcement, I signed up immediately. I have learned so many new things and gotten much better on things I already knew. We have done extensive work on fillers and ruler work including crosshatch and curves. Even a beginner level quilter would be able to succeed. The cost is a fraction of what you would have to pay for in person 3-day weekend class.  And the club format is great because the experience is ongoing. Dorie is so patient and is always available to help with anything I need. I look forward to every weekly lesson and our monthly meetings. You will love the club!" Maryanne M.

This is Maryanne's work. She quilts on a HQ Sweet 16.

"I have been in this club since Dorie started it in 2020. She is a patient, methodical instructor, giving clear, concise directions every step of the way. Even if you aren’t obsessed with mandalas, you will learn many new designs, learn how to have better consistency in your design formation, and you’ll go at your own pace. Quilting circles can be challenging but Dorie breaks it down so that you will soon have the confidence to tackle designs that would have intimidated you beforehand. I am a very happy student, as you can probably tell." Mary S

This is Mary's work.

Frequently Asked Questions


I’ve been part of this club since it started and it’s sooooo much fun and I’ve learned sew very much! Plus it’s not only mandala learning, it’s way way more than that…it generates ideas to further your quilting journey! Give it a shot!! You will have sew much fun! ~Vicki C

I'm having so much fun doing the Quilted Mandala Course offered by Dorie Hruska through Forever Quilting Academy. I started this course in January and hadn't done much work with stencils. I did have some experience with using rulers but have improved so much. . . .I even impressed myself. I highly recommend this course. ~ Catherine

I am loving class & have been learning a lot from you. Thank you for everything! Jane

I have learned soooo much. This has been one of the best experiences in quilting I have had. I have made what I call the final exam, my 3 in 1 mandala and 4 other mandalas. . . . You are a super teacher.~ Maryanne M

I have taken a lot of classes, but nothing compares to the amount of content in this class.

I have learned so many really great skills in this club! Things like the foundations of holding rulers correctly when doing ruler work, cross hatching, various background fills (and when best to use them), and lets not forget FEATHERS, SWIRLS AND CURLEY QUES! But what I appreciate most is that while this class covers lots of quilting mechanics, Dorie is constantly leading her students to think for themselves to come up with our own creative designs and ideas.

All the information in the club are learning blocks and help to build my skills. Also, enjoy the monthly meetings and sharing with others. Dorie is very helpful and engaging.

This is a highly value added class. Everything is very professional from lesson design right through to the video presentation. It is the most valuable series of classes I have ever taken, in person or on-line.

The groundwork in FMQ you’ll develop as you complete each lesson will allow you to expand your quilting abilities to other projects you create, not just the mandalas made in the course work.

Dorie reminds students not to feel that they need to copy what she is doing but to make it their own, for example using a feather style that you are comfortable with.

I’m loving it! The Monday morning email with the new lesson for the week is the first one I read, with anticipation & excitement!

I really enjoy the Facebook group where we share our work. Because of my work schedule I am not able to make most of the monthly meetings but I feel like I know several of the people in the Facebook group and appreciate how encouraging everyone is.

I've been very happy with my progress.

I enjoy working with the stencils that Dorie has created. It has opened up a new way of looking at the creative process. The classes are broken down step by step and easy to understand the progression.

Lots of motif designs were not in my wheel house until I really started working on them in this class. And guess what?! I finally learned how to do feathers going DOWN the spine as well as up!! No more multiple passes along the spine!! Yay! Thank you, Dorie Hruska! This class is the best! ~ Marla