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Hello friends!

I would love to share with you some exciting news!

After 40+ years of quilting, sewing & crafting and 18+ years of being a professional longarm quilter, there are times that I have felt like I’ve done it all. Then, in a flash, I realize that my creative journey has taken me in a new direction, without even realizing it.

I have seen my interests, abilities, techniques and talent evolve so much over the years. It shouldn't have been a surprised to me that I have ended up where I am today.

Of course, I am still in love with quilting, meaning the piecing part, but I am even more obsessed with creating works of art with the use of thread.

One surprise turn, that my journey has taken me on, is when I started to teach machine quilting over 13 years ago. Even more so was when I started flying to teach at guilds and quilt shows. I am soooo not a fan of flying but I guess my love of quilting, teaching and seeing my amazing friends over shadowed my fears.

Fast forward...

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Book of Quilted Samples


Let me start by saying how Blown Away I was at the response I got after posting a video on facebook of one of my binders filled with quilted samples. I just assumed that other quilters had already thought of the idea. You can find the video here

Well for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about let me explain......
When I first started quilting in 2002, like many other quilters, I would take a large piece of muslin and quilt it to death. Trying out every design I could think of. I wanted to get good enough FAST, so I could start quilting for others. Because my ultimate goal was to quit my career and stay home with my two babies. So 3 weeks after I got my machine I started quilting for friends and family, who had been waiting ''not so patiently'' on my list. One year later I quit my career. Yay!!
I know......what does this have to do with a binder?......I'm getting to that part ;)

After weeks of practicing, my new dog (Snoopy) had acquired plenty of...

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