Exciting new workshops ahead

Hello friends!

I would love to share with you some exciting news!

After 40+ years of quilting, sewing & crafting and 18+ years of being a professional longarm quilter, there are times that I have felt like I’ve done it all. Then, in a flash, I realize that my creative journey has taken me in a new direction, without even realizing it.

I have seen my interests, abilities, techniques and talent evolve so much over the years. It shouldn't have been a surprised to me that I have ended up where I am today.

Of course, I am still in love with quilting, meaning the piecing part, but I am even more obsessed with creating works of art with the use of thread.

One surprise turn, that my journey has taken me on, is when I started to teach machine quilting over 13 years ago. Even more so was when I started flying to teach at guilds and quilt shows. I am soooo not a fan of flying but I guess my love of quilting, teaching and seeing my amazing friends over shadowed my fears.

Fast forward now to the end of 2020, surviving this crazy year we all have had, I am looking to the future with clearer vision (see what I done there lol!).

We have to accept the fact that in-person gatherings, to further our knowledge of quilting, will not immediately be a part of it. So, like many other teachers, I have been exploring the many options for teaching online. Although limited by my lack of acceptable internet speeds.

When I have taught at quilt shows, I would cover at minimum 6 subjects or techniques. Now, I know can’t instantly begin teaching all these classes online but I think I have come up with a great place to start.

In just one week, November 27th, I will be opening up enrollment for the Quilted Mandala Club.

This will be a place where we will explore all the things that make up a Mandala. A Quilted Mandala, that is.

This club will be filled with ongoing lessons to teach you the skills and techniques needed to create your own Quilted Mandalas. From marking tools, free motion designs, ruler work and thread painting.

Sound interesting?

Well, I hope you are as excited as I am!

I know you must have a thousand questions! Not to worry! I will be back to answer those questions in the coming days.

For now, make sure to mark your calendar for Friday, November 27th. Enrollment will only be open for a few days, so you don’t to miss out on this opportunity to be the first to join in on the fun!!


Forever Quilting,


ps: If you have a specific question, feel free to leave it in the comments below. 


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